Flexense develops enterprise-grade data management software products for disk space usage analysis, file classification and organizing, duplicate files search and removal, automated, rule-based file management, real-time disk change monitoring, high-speed file synchronization and data migration, bulk file delete and secure data wiping operations.

12-Feb-2019 - DiskSorter v11.6 adds the ability to categorize and filter file classification results by the creation, last modification and last access hour. In addition, the new product version improves all types of file classification reports, improves disk space analysis pie charts, improves the main DiskSorter GUI application and fixes a number of bugs.

6-Feb-2019 - SysGauge v5.8 adds a server-based product version, named SysGauge Server, which runs in the background as a service and allows one to monitor a number of remote computers simultaneously. The SysGauge server can be controlled locally or via the network using a dedicated client GUI application or the SysGauge command line utility. In addition, the new version improves the main SysGauge GUI application and fixes a number of bugs.

19-Mar-2018 - DiskBoss v9.1 fixes security vulnerabilities CVE-2018-8065, CVE-2018-6537, CVE-2018-6481, CVE-2018-5262, CVE-2018-5261, CVE-2017-17996, CVE-2017-17099, CVE-2017-17088, CVE-2017-15950, CVE-2017-15665, CVE-2017-15664, CVE-2017-15663, CVE-2017-15662, CVE-2017-15220, CVE-2017-14980, CVE-2017-13708, CVE-2017-13696, CVE-2017-7310, CVE-2017-7230 and CVE-2017-6187.

8-Feb-2018 - DiskBoss v8.9 adds the ability to configure user-custom file categories and file filters in disk space analysis, duplicate files search, file classification and file search operations allowing one to categorize and filter disk space analysis and file search results using one or more user-specified file matching rules. In addition, the new product version adds the ability to export lists of network shares, improves the file properties dialog and fixes a number of bugs.